Smart Cylinder from Beximco LPG, a subsidiary of Beximco Group, was proclaimed the winner under the ‘Master of Reinvention’ category at the Bangladesh Business Innovation Award (BBIA) 2019 for their innovative solution. Find out more about Smart Cylinder from Beximco LPG.

Beximco Group, through its subsidiary Beximco LPG Unit – 1 Ltd has taken the initiative to systematically collaborate and tackle the national and household energy security for the near future. Taking the challenge head-on, they have invested heavily in major infrastructures, logistics, and modern technology right up to the household level.

The vision of this reinvention is to attract consumers and ensure safety measures for them and households. In short, Composite Smart Cylinder has completely reinvented the notion of safety over traditional steel cylinders as a groundbreaking global innovation.

For the very first time in Bangladesh, we have introduced composite gas cylinders for household and commercial usage. These revolutionary Smart Cylinders™ are safer than traditional steel cylinders, non–explosive, lightweight and translucent – allowing the users to see the gas level from outside.

The Idea:

The average Bangladeshi has unique needs but is cynical and mistrusting of the existing systems – At Beximco, we understand these needs and unique nature of Bangladeshi people. So to overcome below problems we planned to the reinvention of the smartest product-

  • All these years, people have spent hours toiling and carrying heavy cylinders and we had planned to reduce this pain.
  • We did find it out that running ‘out of gas’ suddenly can be a big inconvenience. Because the nature of LPG as a household product is ‘Now means now’
  • People want to keep their safe and sound. Especially when it is the most flammable product the safety features should be added.
  • Cleanliness is important, and we find it out that people hate those dark rings of dirt left by the bottom of rusting steel cylinders.


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