Dutabash, an initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gained Honorable Mentions at the Bangladesh Business Innovation Award (BBIA) 2019 under the ‘Public Service Innovation’ and ‘Best Process Innovation’ categories. Find out more about how ‘Dutabash’ is helping Bangladeshi nationals beyond borders.

Dutabash is the first-ever digital consular and welfare platform of Bangladesh. Promised by the “Digital Bangladesh” mandate of HPM Sheikh Hasina, initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh, Dutabash is a global platform that is going to take Bangladesh beyond its border.

Dutabash is initiated to ease the process of citizens receiving consular and welfare services. For the last 47 years, the process of receiving consular and welfare service was manual, hectic and would require a physical visit to the office. Bangladeshi citizens can now reach their concerned embassy from the convenience of their smartphones and can avail of any consular services such as attestation/certification/SOS without even ever setting foot in the embassy or bank. Dutabash currently offers 34 welfare and consular services to the spectrum of 180 million Bangladeshi citizens around the globe.

It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The smart system outdated the previous manual seal-signature based authentication system and replaced it with a smart digital QR code-based authentication system. It uses a GPS based geofencing system to identify the user’s exact location and guide him to the nearest available mission. For the very first time, AR/VR based smart scanning system was used in the system. Currently, 50,000 users have already downloaded the application.


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