More than 700K domestic workers have migrated to the Middle East in the last 10 years but 36% of them have returned home being tortured or deceived. This was because most of them went to overseas through private agencies or local brokers who only provided them with jobs but did not ensure a secure workplace. In 2018 only, more than 60 domestic workers returned but not alive. This crisis took place because most of the workers are not educated or skilled which is why their income is less than 90 USD per month in Bangladesh. In addition to that, almost every single household is a workplace for domestic workers. Despite having tremendous demand most people still don’t know how to find a good maid.

Hellotask has come up with the solution of a huge crisis through an on-demand maid service app. Now customers can hire a maid anytime they want either for a day or for month. This solved not only the problem of customers’ end but also doubled their income on average.

Now more than 700 domestic workers are working as freelancers through the Hellotask platform and can find their preferred job at their convenient location and time. All of the workers have been brought under financial inclusion through the Government’s MFS service, Nagad. They can receive their income through a mobile bank account. 32,000 jobs have successfully been completed by these workers with zero incidences of domestic violence by customers.

As a recognition Hellotask has been awarded BASIS National ICT Award 2019 in Business Services: ICT Solution and received Honourable Mention in Best Startup Innovation Category from Bangladesh Innovation Conclave recently. Hellotask’s dream is to one day ensure decent job and secure workplace for millions of Bangladeshi domestic workers even beyond the border through the platform.


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