CMS Hybrid Onion, a high yielding onion variant developed by Lal Teer Seed Ltd., gained an Honorable Mention at the Bangladesh Business Innovation Award (BBIA) 2019 under the ‘Agriculture Sector’ category. Find out more about how the CMS Hyrbid Onion variant has been developed.

Onion is one of the major spices in Bangladesh. The total requirement of onion in the country is 2.2 million MT, where the total production is 1.5 million MT; the deficit is about 700,000 MT (BBS 2018). The reason for this low yield is the lacking of high yielding varieties and high-quality seeds. The yield of existing local varieties is poor (4.0 MT/acre) compared to standard varieties of other countries. The availability of onion seed in the country is also dismal, approximately 1,300 MT of seeds are required. 100 MT of seeds are supplied by the private sector, 300 MT from local farmers with poor quality, and rest 900 MT are imported.

Considering the facts, Lal Teer Seed Ltd started research collecting onion germplasms with different qualitative and quantitative characteristics from different parts of Bangladesh and abroad. After 10 years of research, Lal Teer developed high yielding CMS hybrid onion variety. To obtain high-quality seeds with pure genetic quality, the seeds are produced commercially in California, USA.

Lal Teer Hybrid is a single bulb type onion, average bulb weight is 50-60g, highly pungent, per acre yield is about 12.0 MT where per acre yield of local varieties is about 4.0 MT. Presently in Bangladesh onion is cultivated in 450,000 acres of land. If Lal Teer hybrid is cultivated in one-third of this land, the total demand will be met and there will be no need for seed import.


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