Robi-10 Minute School LIVE class recently won the Honorable Mention Award at the 2nd Bangladesh Business Innovation Award 2019 in the Social Innovation Category. Find out the story of how they achieved this feat.

Robi-10 Minute School ( wants to create full accessibility to quality education for the 4,27,00,000 students of Bangladesh. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, this year, the platform took 120 University Admission LIVE classes through an online Olympiad modality to ensure any student from any corner of Bangladesh can have access to quality education that would prepare them to pass the competitive admission tests of the best institutions of the country.

Robi-10 Minute School is the only free educational platform of Bangladesh that has consistently provided free University admission and HSC classes by the best instructors to over 27,00,000 students and free soft and hard skills training by trained professionals to over 8,00,000 students.

The platform’s LIVE classes are regularly attended by 10,000+ students from all the 64 districts of the country. It has the largest community of students in the 10 Minute School LIVE group on Facebook, with over 13,00,000 members and with over a million followers on their official Facebook page.

Because of these Live classes, today, quality education is accessible to anyone in Bangladesh from any corner of the country, free of cost and unhindered by any geographical barriers. The core purpose was to connect students all over Bangladesh through Facebook live classes for free for the first time in the world. Through this, Robi-10 Minute School wanted to ensure full accessibility to quality education until the very last mile.

Robi-10 Minute School ( continues to advocate for universal youth literacy, skill development and access to quality education for everyone.


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