Stow, a versatile furniture developed by Bohu Bangladesh Limited, gained an Honorable Mention at the Bangladesh Business Innovation Award (BBIA) 2019 under the ‘Product Development’ category. Find out more about how the story of ‘Stow’.

The space that we live in plays a very important role in our lives. It can affect our mood, our efficiency, and our overall wellbeing. It can also cause serious mental stress and sometimes physical injury if not ergonomically designed. Furniture is a key factor that creates our living space and it is something that we interact with on a daily basis.

“Stow” is designed and made to hold things that we frequently use in our everyday life. Bags, phones, wallets, keys, kitchen utensils, cosmetics etc. This furniture can be used in any part of the house. One household can even have multiple stows in different rooms. It is also be used in offices to keep frequently used products like whiteboard markers, snacks, bags etc.  In short “Stow” can be used anywhere. In residential or commercial space to keep all the frequently needed floating things in an organized way.

Stow is a small wood-based furniture. It has a frame that holds a top part, a bottom part, and a rail. It measures 20″ X 20″ at the base and is 33″ in height. The top part has two variations: a shelf with angled edges or a 2″ drawer. Both of these measure at 8″ X 18″. The bottom part has three variations: A shelf or an 8″ deep drawer or an 8″ deep box. The bottom part measure at 18″ X 18″. The frame and rail is made of wood. The top and bottom parts are wood-based boards. The product is finished with lacquer paint that is water-resistant and easy clean. Stow is available in four different color combinations for easy adoption to any existing furnished environment.

A stow is lightweight for easy transport and movement. It has been designed in a way that does not leave a mark on the wall that it is kept against. The top part is smaller in width than the bottom part for easy access to the bottom shelf. It is made with high-quality wood and finished with water-resistant paint so that it can be used to stow away anything.


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