CMED Digital Health Services was the winner of the Bangladesh Business Innovation Award (BBIA) 2019 under the “Best Innovation – Healthcare” category.

CMED Health Ltd.’s aim was to use technology to remotely monitor the health of loved ones, store their health data to see the trend & shareability of the data for better decision making. With the CMED app, one can create a health account, store his/her health vitals, get instant color-coded feedback based on the vitals and provide advice based on the health condition. CMED also started developing an A.I. based algorithm that, with adequate data, can predict the health risks beforehand.

But through self-care, only a small segment of the populace can be served with an app. What about the rest? Through research, the company found that there are no structured primary healthcare system in Bangladesh, no health awareness amongst the populace, and nearly a million people die due to non-communicable diseases every year – 90% of which are preventable. There are also over 15,000 government certified Diploma Doctors without a job.

The plan then, was to connect the doctors to the people who needed health services, resulting in the CMED Platform – a community-based platform that incorporated humane touch to translate the results to people who are not familiar with technology. To carry out the plan, CMED designed a model where a diploma doctor(Smart Sastho Kormi or SSK) is trained and equipped with CMED Health Kit – which includes the smart sensors and a tab with CMED Platform in it, and then provide door to door health service in their community. The company also partnered with Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) in order to test the system. For the past 16 months, CMED platform served over 32,000 people in 21 villages. Currently, CMED is scaling the platform to 50 more Unions, where 1.5 million people will be served through the platform.

The journey of CMED was difficult for a culture that is not used to preventive care. The company continued onwards regardless, believing that with proper education, human capital development and awareness – it would be doable. It took the company almost a year to build a capable team and workforce who shared the same vision. In December 2016, CMED was just a concept. By December 2017, they had around 4,000 users. by December 2018, CMED had more than 55,000 registered users. And by December 2019, CMED hopes to have over 2 million users.


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